‘Manchester’ Music, 2nd marriages and enjoying life

As wedding season is underway I wanted to share a few wise words my beloved great uncle shared with me a few years ago re. Having a lasting and happy marriage (he was married for 40 years before his death in 2013). This is an oldie but goodie which I hope blesses you x

Wise man: Great Uncle Kehinde Bamgbose

Wise man: Great Uncle Kehinde Bamgbose

MC2- Mimi Caroline on Music and Culture

This weekend I went ‘up north’ to Manchester to see my great uncle and aunt- whom I have lovingly nicknamed ‘Grandad and Nana’. In my opinion they are some of the sweetest, funniest and kindest people I have ever met and am ever likely to meet in my lifetime.

Rather irritatingly, my journey began with Rihanna’s  ‘Only girl in the world’, played no less than twenty times, in 10 second snippets (as is the case with mobile ring tones) throughout a five- hour, early morning coach trip whilst most people (myself included) were trying to sleep- grrr!

At the half way point the coach stopped for a break and  I hopped off  the coach, grateful to stretch my legs, and naturally gravitated towards the music section in WH Smith- every coach stop station staple! I was very nearly tempted to buy a jazz funk CD which had some great…

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