Gentleman- In memory of dad

5 thoughts on “Gentleman- In memory of dad”

  1. Beautifully written, Kemi. Can see why you are like you are – witty, creative, compassionate, generous, loving. A chip off the old block. He lives on, like Jesus, in you!! Much love xx


  2. This is such a lovely tribute Kemi, I’m sure your dad would have loved reading this. You seem to have captured his character really well! Feel like I know him although I have never met him.
    Had to re-educate myself on Fela, as like so many Africans of his generation, my dad likes him as well! “None of this young people stuff”. ( although he has eminem on his iPod lol).


  3. Hi Kemi, Thank you for sharing your experiences and the story of your dad. It inspires us to make a difference for everyone living with IPF. Ruth, from the British Lung Foundation


  4. Kemi this write up gave a perfect description of him. Am not suprise he was bless with good n loving people around him before his final departure on earth. Baba oloye (chief) as I usually call him, we have few things in common e.g he was born September 4 while I was born September 5. I wish we still share that birthday wishes together again. I miss his wealth of life experince that he always share with me. Miss him today will have been another time time to chat if still around . Am glad I had him as a father(inlaw). I remember my son calling him the boy because of his young at heart attitude, and he nickname my son deeboi-deeboi. Love u Baba oloye. From I,Eni and the kids we love new miss him. Kem kem I can see that smile as u read this . Cheers


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