Eat like a lady, NOT like a man!

3 thoughts on “Eat like a lady, NOT like a man!”

  1. Hello Kemi,

    This post cracked me up. “this mountain of food will not defeat me – I will be victorious”. XD

    Hmmm, now that I think of it, I also eat beyond the point of contentment, but my slowing metabolism is teaching me to curb my enthusiasm around food.

    When I remember that it’ll take me nearly ten sweaty minutes on the treadmill just to burn the calories from ONE Hobnob biscuit, I think twice about chomping the entire packet.

    I eat quite slowly because I am an eater-reader. I’m often flipping pages while chewing, fork mid-air, trying to manage the food so that it lasts till the end of an interesting chapter.

    Ah! truly, food = love. Lol

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